Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

not interesting

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Like someone in the office said "the parade was more interesting than the midterm elections." there were some close calls but overall no major surprises. CA remains very democratic despite some ex-CEO's throwing millions into their campaigns. I'm glad neither Whitman nor Fiorina won. One does not do what she preaches, whose bombardments of TV and radio ads just about made me vomite, and the other ruined one of the best companies in the world, sent our jobs overseas, and walked away with $22M severance pay, and now campaigns to ruin our state and who knows, perhaps our country and the world in the future. And so now we have a divided legislature or perhaps we should called it balance between the houses. It should be an spectacle to see how congress functions from now on.

texas = big, california = Giants

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the office is very quiet today. all the boys went to the parade this morning. the traffic was bad, with everyone rushing to the city. the millbrae bart station was jammed with people, and caltrain said their trains wont even stop there to drop off people because the station was over crowded. guess the ones riding on caltrain this morning would have to walk from townsend to market for the parade. at least the weather is cooperating. SF is unusually warm today. the boys asked me yesterday if I wanted to go. baseball is not my sport and not being a fan of the Giants, it had never occured to me to celebrate their world series victory. but when the boys asked, i thought of the goose immediately. perhaps I use take my camera and just go to take pictures. if i was doing the one picture a day thing like him, i would certainly go. "how many times does the Giants win the world series? come on, let's go". but not being a fan of crowds either, and being lazy, i've decided against it. i AM glad the Giants won. but after 2 weeks of wearing orange, and the baseball fever, i'm also glad it would be over after today. E had already started posting the parade pictures on Facebook. just wondering what would the boys do now that there wont be a baseball game to watch tomorrow?


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