Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

big noses, labyrinths and scottish moors

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A few photographs from recent hiking.

Año Nuevo State Reserve - we had a very knowledge and entertaining volunteer guide. We've learned the elephant seals didnt get to the mainland until 1955 when their landing site on the CA coast became an island.

Natural Bridges State Park - didnt know there was a natural bridges park in Santa Cruz. The only one I knew was in Utah. Oh I got it, that one is Natural Bridges National Monument. Ah! and the difference between a natural bridge and arch? Well, a natural bridge is formed by erosive action of running water while an arch is formed by other erosional forces like wind. The USGS defines "a 'natural bridge' is a natural stone arch that spans a valley of erosion. A 'natural arch' is a similar structure which, however, does not span an erosion valley." Go figure!
At low tide, many colorful starfish appeared, hugging the rocks. Awesome site!

Año Nuevo and Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz

ano nuevo  natural bridges

Huckleberry Botanic and Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserves - the Hippo's done many national parks but very few regional ones. Since this hike was led by D&M, why not join them? It was a beautiful hike that included 3 labyrinths, and the Hippo walked them all and cheated on every single one. Some parts of the hike were a bit challenging and the narrow trails were lined with shoulder height poison ivy! Needed to be careful not to brush against them!

Huckleberry Botanic and Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserves

huckleberry and sibley

Tomales Point - the 10 mile roundtrip was filled with wild CA flowers. The poppies were in full bloom, the yellow lupins big, irishes and coltsfoots as high as the Hippo, tistles with caterpillars on them. I dont remember the elks last time I was there but this time the females were out and about with their younglings. We only spotted 2 bulls. The ever present SF fog hovered now and then making it feel like you're in the Scottish moors. So very Brigadoon! You can hear the ocean waves and smell the sea salt. And the faint sound of traffic on the other side of the bay. At the very end of the hike, the tip of the land, the ocean meets the bay. Always an awestruck hike!

Tomales Point

tomales point tomales point


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