Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fin del Mundo - Ushuaia

Posted by Hippobean at 11:49 PM
In the early morning we entered the Beagle Channel and docked at Ushuaia, the southernmost city, in Tierra del Fuego, el fin del mundo. Here is where the pan american highway that started in Alaska, ends. The city was very pretty with lots of shops and surrounded by the end of the Andes, running from East to West, facing the sea, very picturesque. We took the scenic Mountain tour on pan-american highway route 3, to see the end of the Andes. Although the Andes arent very tall, they are very beautiful. My favorite mountain range. Neither the Alps nor the Rockies tug my heart as the Andes do. About 12 years ago I made it as far south as Puerto Natales in Chile to catch a ride to the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. Today I am even further south. Ushuaia had always been on my mind and now that I am here, I like the city very much. I've decided to buy myself a penguin to keep Tux company. I hope he likes tofu!


The end of the Andes

Video of Ushuaia [12.2M]

Video of the end of the Andes [3.7M]



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