Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Convoluted flight

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:55 PM
A free day before our convoluted flight to Tirana. I ran out of places to go in Sofia. Looking at the map, I've tried the boulevards. But they had more upscale shops - united colors of benetton, coach, versace, timberland. Originally we were booked on Alitalia with the stop at Fiumicino but when the final docs came, it had changed to Olympic air with a stop in Athens. We thought it was because Alitalia folded. But now we were reverted back to Alitalia. We actually preferred the Olympic Air one because we would have arrived in Tirana in the afternoon instead of midnight with Alitalia. Alitalia flights offered pretty good cakes but when I was asked what I wanted to drink and I said coke, the flight attendant said "water, juice or ice tea". The flight from Sofia to Da Vinci di Fiumicino was only half full but I was surprised from Rome to Tirana it was almost filled up. Didnt think that many people were going to (back to?) Tirana.

We arrived at midnight. The airport was far from the town. The hotel in Tirana was a disaster. Probably luxurious to their standards, it had no hot water (just luke warm), not a chair in the hotel room and one had to make one's bed. The sheet was folded at the foot of the bed and the blankets (just 2 light duvets really) were in the tiny closet. It was cold at night. The light duvets barely gave me enough warmth. And poor Bill and Chantal slept without blankets. What was the hotel owner thinking?



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