Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mosquitoes had a field day - Butrinti

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:15 PM
In the morning we drove the narrow road along the Corfu strait to Butrinti. It means cow. Named it so because Aeneas sacrificed a cow here for escaping the fire. At one point on the road, a big bus came (of course) in the opposite direction. We had to back up. The bus got so close to the edge of the road that some in the group were a little concerned it might flip over to the sea. But of course, the local drivers were used to this kind of thing. When we told Toni back in Sofia we were going to Albania, he said (after asking 'what on earth are you going to Albania for', again like everyone asked when I've told them I was going to Albania) he hated it because the roads were bad, bumpy and slow, and described how some roads on the hill were so narrow that barely allowed 2 cars to pass. That reminded me of the dangerous road in Bolivia and secretly I was hoping we would encountered one in Albania. But so far we havent.

The ruins in Butrinti werent very impressive but it had both Greek and Roman architecture. There were water everywhere and we were eaten alive by mosquitoes. At one point they were so bad that Gert simply said "let's get out of here". We returned to Saranda scratching all over!




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