Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008


Posted by Hippo Bean at 5:12 PM
Amazing how small this world really is. This morning we were 800m above sea level in the mountain over looking the deepest lake in the Balkans. In the afternoon I found myself on the 3rd floor overlooking the Adriatic. That's why I like these trips. We crossed the border back to Albania. Elbasan was vivacious but we only got a few minutes to explore. The fortress had nothing remaining except a wall. Inside new houses were built. We stopped at a restaurant/hotel by the Adriatic with wonderful and cheap seafood. The Italian chef came out with a big plate of fish, prawns and an entire lobster. The salty smell of the sea was welcoming. Near Durres the houses were again painted with bright colors. The newly discovered Roman theater where Gert excavated, was not yet fully exposed. Only resemblance of the theater seatings showed and I was a bit disappointed. Gert said while they completely rebuilt the theater in Ohrid, here in Albania, they dont touch the archaeological sites. Everything was original. Yeah sure. The amphitheater was still under rubbles. My room in Durres had sea front view. The room was small but the view paid for everything. For dinner we again had seafood pasta. After dinner Joan and I braved the beach and the water was warm. We strolled a little while next to the sea. People were out and about. Last night we had close to the sea. I looked out my room window and wished hard that the trip was not coming to an end.




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