Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Never ending mountains - Korça

Posted by Hippo Bean at 10:17 PM
How can a tiny country have so many mountains? We travelled about 200km through the mountains from Saranda to Korça (pronounced korsha). It took all day. We left at 8AM and arrived around 5PM with only 1 stop for lunch and a few quick stops for photos and restrooms. We passed the Nemercka range and suddenly dramatic peaks loomed before us that reminded me of the palis in Kauai except the Albanian range was misty and not as colorful. Mountains and mountains that never seemed to end. I dozed off and woke up, dozed and woke and still we were driving through curvy narrow roads among hills and mountains. The drive was long and I began to tire of it even though I've always enjoyed sitting in a bus looking out as the scenery went by.

We stopped at the 'blue eye' effervescent waterhole. The spring bubbled and looked very blue and the water was crystal clear and cool and tasted pure.

We stopped in the middle of nowhere for lunch and I had the tripe soup. This time it was quite delicious. Specially with lots of lemon juice!

Right before we reached town, we stopped and bought local apples. Gert got us 3 kinds but the golden and red ones were the most sweet and juicy. I'm not an apple person but these were truly fantastic. I've never tasted apples this good.

Laura said Korça was an energy town. True to her words, people were out and about. We saw people everywhere. But the buildings were old, the sidewalks broken and garbage everywhere, as in the rest of Albania.

For dinner we had egg and lemon soup. A simple soup but it was the best I've ever had. Albania had good soup and I loved all the ones I've tasted. But this simple one was the best. I must get the recipe and make it at home.




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