Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally liked Sofia a bit more

Posted by Hippobean at 9:48 PM
The National museum of History was filled with Tracian gold. A wall showed pre-cyrillic and early cyrillic alphabets. I had a field day taking photos inside the museum. Finally a place that lets you photograph at will providing you pay 15 leva! While we're leaving, we saw the president of South Korea getting into his car. And while getting in to the museum we saw the president of Bulgaria motorcar speeding away from the presidential palace which is located next door to the museum. A day of presidents!

In the afternoon we visited the synagogue. It's very small and nothing compared to the Dohany in Budapest. Niki showed me on the map the street where she bought her leather jackets. A pedestrian street lined with leather good shops. None accepted credit cards so I didnt buy anything. Just as well. I didnt need another leather jacket or boots. Walking back to the hotel, I stopped by Alexender Nevski golden dome cathedral. Stunningly beautiful and big. For dinner we went back to the same restaurant as 2 nights before. This time we had fish - bass. It was quite delicious. Dave said the cathedral was lite up at night so we went there after dinner to photograph it with the full moon as a backdrop. Gorgeous!




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