Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday, October 04, 2008

she's been had! - Sofia

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:23 PM
There was no aerial shots of London. The sun was just about to shine and I only managed 1 or 2 of the Millenium wheel. From the plane I saw the Thames meandering through the city. I've never seen London from above before. LHR terminal 2 was still disgustingly ugly. Not a window. Lufthansa to Munich was pleasant enough. I got a window seat again. The Munich airport was just as confusing and hard to navigate as Frankfurt. No time to spare here.

In Sofia I paid the most expensive taxi ride ever. 130 leva. That's 7.5/Km + 3.5/min waiting in traffic. The driver was most courteous and polite but boy over $100 for a cab ride. And they told me the taxi would cost only 20 euros. Some of my money had already gone and I havent started my vacation yet. Dont remember if Rick Steves warned of the the expensive taxis. Sigh. Aside from this, everything else went smoothly. I knew my luck would run out sooner or later. Welcome to Bulgaria Hippo!

While Munich was under pouring rain, Sofia was warm and sunny. My hotel room faced the side street but it's rather a good size. Dinner this night was a kind of shepard's pie with scallop potatoes on top and mixed ground meat. It's very good except I was already stuffed with airplane food. Side dishes included fried olives that was very tasty.

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Tim said...

Too bad about the taxi. Did it have a meter, or could the driver just charge whatever he wanted? Did he tell you what the cost would be when you got in? Did your tour guide tell you were ripped off, or offer suggestions to avoid it in the future? How different were the taxis and fares in Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia? I just want to avoid the same thing in the future. Thanks. Tim


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