Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008


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In Voskopoja, finally a church we could take pictures. The three we visited, Shen Marise (St Mary), Shen Athanatit and St Nicolas had frescoes that havent been restored but some of the original colors were still visible, which made the icons so much more beautiful. The day was warm and sky an immense blue. Our walk through the village was most enjoyable, the place tranquil and serene. This place used to be a major and prosperous city during the Ottoman empire. Now the streets are broken and mud everywhere. Most of the beautiful churches destroyed but new houses had been built and some were quite beautiful with gates adorned with the double headed eagle of Albania. This place was famous for their chai which tasted like coca tea that I miss so much, and I had 2 cups since no place else had this tea. It's supposed to have medicinal properties. Our local guide picked us some grapes and local red berries and apricots that were used to make raki. The berries were bitter and tart. The afternoon was free and I ran out of things to do.

This evening meal was a traditional Albanian banquet which none of us did enough justice. Mediterranean salad with lots of eggplant and peppers, followed by a flat pasta, then a big plate of sausages, lamb and pork. I was beginning to feel ill with so much eating.




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