Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Freedom worth the price - Koprivshtitsa

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:40 PM
I looked at his statue. Todor Kableshkov, the 25 year old who was considered the one who started the rebellion against the turks, the author of the 'bloody letter' looked quite handsome. I like the Koprivshtitsa town. The houses with painted facades, were quite unique and the interiors nicely decorated. The Topolnitsa river cuts through the town and the cloudy misty day made the town look romantic. Here I bought a small ceramic plate that cost only 2 leva. I first saw this design in Castello di Amorosa about a month ago when we went wine tasting in St Helena. Identical plate but bigger at the Castello cost $35.

We made a stop at the Troyan monastery, Bulgarian's third largest. But since photos were not allowed, I cant remember a thing about this monastery.

Back in Sofia and the weather continued to be quite cold. We had some horribly salty flat sausages (Bulgarians like their sausages flat) for dinner. But the restaurant was in an old house decorated very homely.

I had to have my hotel room changed because it smelled horribly. They gave me one in the new wing, far from the reception, but quiet and bigger and it even had a bath tub. I was quite happy with this room, but it started to smell sewage gas on the second day.




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